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Healing properties of amber

Amberworks have long been appreciated not only for aesthetic appearance, but also for healing properties. In the past it was only relied on the people’s own emotion and stories about amber effect on the body, and now amber effect on health aims to be based on scientific research. It has been proved that during amber contact with the skin actively functions acid, which stimulates some certain body functions and thus improves the well-being. Moreover, the Baltic amber has a higher acid concentration than any other amber in the world.

What are the benefits provided by this natural mineral to our body and well-being?

The amber in contact with body positively affects our mood, gives buoyancy, energy and, most importantly, helps to prevent some diseases, can be invoked to prevent it or help to reduce present symptoms, to heal them. Amber:

  • enhances vision, reduces the risk of myopia;
  • improves heart, strengthens blood vessels;
  • helps with fever and in case of respiratory tract diseases (effectively relieves cough, unpleasant senses caused by it);
  • stimulates stomach and digestive tract;
  • heals bladder diseases, clean stones from the liver and kidneys.

Amber is a key active component in wide variety of folk medicine prescriptions. Wearing amber jewelry also causes positive effects. Take a piece of amber with you, dress up with eye-catching jewelry and evaluate benefits of amber to body.