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Amber – gold of the Baltic sea

Amber, due to useful features and characteristic gold colour tones, which remind of the bright colour palette of Autumn, very often is called gold of the Baltic sea. Such rating once again reminds of aesthetic and long surviving value of amber and undoubtedly emphasizes the region in which plenty of this natural resource is found.

During neolithic age coniferous woods thriving in territory of the Baltic sea basin left a gift valued until these days – a minerals of petrified rasin, which not only attract with its look, but also have benefits to health. You may find more about therapeutical properties of amber here. Really amber is found in different places of Earth, but most quantity of it is concentrated namely on coast of the Baltic sea of which we can be proud of. Therefore, amber and different items made of it are one of most known symbols fairly recognisable in foreign countries and representing Lithuania. So, when considering what gift would reflect exclusivity of our country it is really worth to pay attention to amberware.

Plenty of amber colours, varying from light yellow to dark brown, variety of physical properties of surface (from mat to glossy) and accuracy of masters determine wide assortment of individual amberworks. Everyone who admires amber can find their own item, which is close to the heart, breathing subtle elegance or luxury, can select astonishing gift for a fellow-man or present it like souvenir coming from Lithuania like reminder for visitors of our country.